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Heads Up

Nov 30, 2020

Nearly 86 million equivalent work days are lost due to migraine related presenteeism and absenteeism. This episode hosted by headache specialist Dr Katy Munro and Dr Jessica Briscoe featuring Gemma Jolly (Information and Support Services Manager) and Helen Balami (Advocacy Officer) from Migraine Trust discusses various support options that are available for people who suffer with migraine or primary headaches for managing the condition at work. The episode also highlights how employers can best support their employees suffering with this condition.

For more information:

  • Migraine Trust
  • Migraine Trust Work Advocacy Toolkit
  • Advocacy Helpline 0203 9510 150 (option 2)
  • Government benefit information
  • Turn2Us benefits help
  • Citizens Advice
  • Equality Act

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